Kailee was caught cheating

Kailee was caught cheating and sent to the principals office. Kailee’s parents contribute a lot of money to the school, and the last time she got caught cheating, the last principal let the infraction slide, but not this time. The new principal, Ms. Law, can’t be bought. But she knows expelling Kailee so she can sunbath and hangout at her home won’t teach her a lesson either. Watch more from BADTUSHY

Spanking after gym class

During the past few weeks of gym class, girls have been complaining that their money and jewelry has been disappearing from their lockers. The teacher Ms. Law decided to setup a trap to see if she could catch the culprit in action. Her plan worked perfectly and she caught Holly red handed! Holly realized she was busted and quickly tried to apologize, but Ms. Law was not having it. Watch more movies from BAD TUSHY

Ms. Law had to bail out her friend Faith

Ms. Law had to bail out her friend Faith, from jail, for the third time for shoplifting. Faith has the money to buy goods, but she just craves the thrill she gets from stealing. Ms. Law tried to get her professional help but that obviously didn’t work. This time, Ms. Law decided to take the reforming into her own hands, literally. Download new video from BADTUSHY

Michelle received a huge black dildo as a gag gift

Michelle received a huge black dildo as a gag gift from a girlfriend of hers. Her friend thought that she would probably never really use it… but she couldn’t have been more wrong. Michelle was itching to stick it inside her pussy the second she got it into her hands. When she arrived home she stuck that big fake dick right inside her pussy. However, she was so excited she forgot to see if anyone else was home. Enjoy more free samples from BAD TUSHY

New Bad Tushy spanking video

Wynona saw Ms. Law walk out of the changing room of the gym without putting a pad lock on her locker where she put her purse. When Ms. Law exited, Wynona took the change to rummage through the purse. Well Ms. Law must have realized that she left her purse unprotected so she went back and caught Wynona in the act. Ms. Law got so furious that she grabbed a stick that was lying around and spanked Wynona with it till she had raised switch marks on her skin! Continue to see more from BAD TUSHY

Monica was home alone

Monica was home alone so she decided to go into the refrigerator and steal a beer or two. Her parents had a party the night before and bought plenty of alcohol; she was sure they wouldn’t notice if a few were gone. So she grabbed some Heinekens and started to drink. However, she was a little too careless and she left the door wide open. Already buzzed into her third beer, she didn’t notice her mom coming up the stairs. When she did realize what was happening it was too late. Her mom was already coming at her with the belt in hand ready to lay down a hard ass spanking! Enjoy spanking from BADTUSHY

Veronica got spanked

Veronica Rayne took great efforts to get off work early so she could suprise Mackenzie when she got out of class and take her shopping for school supplies. After 45 minutes of calling Mackenzie’s cell phone and waiting outside with no success. When she got homeand checked the phone messages, she discovered that a councelor called earlier to inform Veroinca of her absence. When Mackenzie got home, Veronica punished her with a swift and hard spanking! Download more pics and videos from BAD TUSHY